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Copyright 2020, Capital City Rowing, Inc. 1400 Village Square Blvd. #3-310, Tallahassee, FL 32309
Capital City Rowing, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Capital City Rowing Membership Guidelines 


I. Each member of CCR is responsible for:

  • Projecting high standards of character, scholarship, sportsmanship, leadership, and competition;
  • Being accountable to their selves, teammates, classmates, coaches, facilities, chaperones, volunteers, and the law;
  • Maintaining passing grades and striving to meet high academic standards;
  • Communicating with coaches and captains to discuss concerns openly, offer suggestions, and explore ideas;
  • Being responsible for reading this agreement and all CCR materials and documents, and ensuring they abide by CCR policies and guidelines at all CCR functions; and
  • Meeting the specific membership requirements, such as completing all forms, reviewing the USRowing Safety Instructional Video, and encouraging the continued growth and success of CCR as an organization.

II. CCR retains the right to cancel the membership of any member in accordance with its bylaws or other governing policies, and as determined necessary to protect the integrity and best interest of the organization.

III. A member may cancel his/her annual membership upon 30 days' written notice to the Board of Directors. Once cancellation becomes effective, the member will no longer be charged his/her monthly dues, if paying monthly over nine months. If the member paid in advance to receive a discount, the member's annual dues will be pro-rated, applying the same percentage discount received, in order to provide the member with a refund of dues for the remainder of the season, based on their cancellation effective date. If the member is paying over 12 months, upon cancellation, the member will be required to pay the difference between the discounted monthly rate (received for the 12-month payment option), and the regular rate assessed over nine months, multiplied by the number of months the member has paid dues at the 12-month rate.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

When interacting with any member of the CCR team, coaches, parents and guardians must ensure a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for team members at all times. Any adult providing alcohol or illegal drugs to any team member is in serious violation of team rules and the law. Such conduct is not condoned and may require a referral to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

Any rower found in violation of CCR's Drug and Alcohol Policy will be subject to discipline by the coaching staff, which may include referral to the appropriate law enforcement entity.

Anti-Abuse Policy

CCR maintains a zero tolerance approach to physical, sexual, or verbal abuse by or of any coach or rower. Such incidents should be reported immediately to the coach or chaperone(s), who will immediately notify a Board member. Members found in violation may be asked to refrain from attending CCR events or may be suspended up to the remainder of the season.  Profanity and obscene language are not condoned.

ROWER conduct 

Land practices currently occur at the Erg Shack, located at the Meridian Park Sports Complex on Meridian Road. Water practices primarily occur at Lake Hall, located in Maclay Gardens State Park on Thomasville Road. Occasional practices may occur at Lake Talquin.

The combination of land and water practice is vital to CCR's success. Coaches may call for additional practice sessions and or change the practice schedule at their discretion. They will provide as much prior notification as possible. Maclay Gardens State Park management, weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances may affect a timely notice. Occasionally, the team will practice in the rain; however, NEVER during inclement weather such as high winds, lightening, or driving rain. In situations of inclement weather, the coaches may have rowers move to the land practice facilities. Bad weather does not mean that practice is canceled.  The coaches will make every effort to communicate changes in practice schedules as soon as possible.  Rowers are responsible for conveying practice information to their parents or guardians.

Changes to Practice Schedule

Last-minute changes to practice schedules will be communicated to rowers and parents via GroupMe, Remind, and email. All members will receive instructions regarding participation in GroupMe and Remind after registering.

Getting to Practice

Rowers with vehicles may transport other rowers to practice from school. If you need help finding a ride, please contact the Vice President of Operations ( CCR can assist rowers in finding a ride from the same school, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each rower to ensure they are able to attend practice.

Maclay Gardens State Park Passes

All rowers receive an original state park pass to gain pre-paid admittance to Maclay Gardens State Park. The passes should stay with the rower, not the parent. If a rower does not have their pass, the ranger will likely charge $1 – $4 for entry. If a rower loses his or her pass, he/she should contact his/her coach immediately.  Rowers will be responsible for the additional cost(s) of any replacement park passes. 

Respect for Property

Each member is to be respectful of others’ property, private or public. This includes the proper disposal of all trash. All rowers must be aware of and respectful to park visitors, especially those using the dock for fishing. At the conclusion of practice, rowers should leave the practice location promptly, and must be out of Maclay Gardens prior to its closure at sunset. If a rower does not transport himself/herself, parents and guardians must arrange to pick up their rower at the conclusion of practice. All members of CCR must adhere to practice facility and school rules. Rowers must leave practice facilities in the manner found when they arrive, if not better. All members of CCR must behave in a manner representative of CCR's mission.

Respect for Equipment

A vital part of the rowing experience is maintaining CCR equipment at peak levels. Practice equipment includes exercise equipment, ergometers, and regatta shells. All athletes should be aware of how to safely move, rig, launch, dock, and maintain all equipment. Each rower should ask questions if they are unsure of what to do. All questions or concerns should be immediately conveyed to the captains or coaches. Regatta boats are not long canoes and are tremendously expensive to repair and replace. A well-maintained boat is a fast boat!


Coaches will maintain and enforce day-to-day rower discipline, with general oversight by CCR's Board of Directors. Coaches cultivate each rower's personal accountability and self-advocacy, and will expect direct communication from each rower regarding absences, injuries, illness, etc. Coaches have broad discretion to handle rule violations in compliance with their coaching experience and USRowing recommendations.  Coaches will attempt to resolve all behavior or discipline issues at the lowest level possible, beginning with the rower and escalating to the rower's parents if required.  Parents should similarly direct any concerns to the appropriate coach first, and then may escalate to the Vice President of Operations or President if unable to resolve. Rule violation consequences may include additional workout activities, dismissal from practice, suspension from practice, or termination of team membership.

To download the complete Capital City Rowing Handbook, click here.  Handbook coming in August 2021.

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